Elvis Presley

Various recording of Elvis in the beginning of his career

“Those first recordings with Sun Records

It was the year of 1953 when Presley stepped in the office of Sun Records.  Presley claimed that those first two songs were recorded on two sided disk as a gift for his mother. But a local owner of a general store said that he could go for cheaper option but he chose Sun Records because he wanted people to notice him more. In a conversation with the receptionist he told that he sings all kind and sound like his own. The boss of Sun Records, later ask his receptionist to note down his name and keep him in a loop. That’s what she did indeed.

“This is how life was testing Presley’s dedication.”

Later on in 1945, January Presley recorded few more songs with Sun Records. As it was his learning time going on so it is was obvious that he didn’t get something huge form these songs. But the fact is that his carrier was building on and Presley was so much dedicated to his passion. He even got failed for an audition, after that he told his father that those people said that he couldn’t sing!! It must be so heart breaking for Presley. But as we all know he never gave up and continued with his practice of singing. Yet his time had had to come until then he had to earn money as well so Presley joined crown electric company as a truck driver. One of his friends at work Ronnie Smith suggested Presley to contact Eddie Bond who was a leader of Smith’s professional band. But there also the same thing happened and Presley got rejected by Bond saying that he could never be a singer in anyway and also advised him to stick with his job as a truck driver. The fact is that things takes time and true dedication to achieve a dream and it seemed that Presley was getting enough fuel to keep on lighting his inner fire forever!

“Search ended for DJ Dewey Phillips when he met Presley for the first time.”

Well, that day was not so far when Presley found his first step to clime the success ladder. It was a milestone for his career. In those days, Phillips was looking for a white man who could sound and who could sing as a Negro. His idea was to make more and more money if could find someone like this. Phillips met Presley and asked him to sing all the numbers he could remember. Presley started and gave his best for recording. From evening until late night when everyone was about to give up as they couldn’t get anything and planning to go home, Presley did something unusual or we can say he started showing what was hiding inside him. He first took his guitar and fooling around singing song and jumping here and there. “That’s all right mama” was the famous blues number in 1946 which he sang. It was craziness on the floor and Billy Black followed him. Meanwhile Phillips saw them and suggested them to make place and started over again as he found what he was looking for!

“It was just the Beginning!”

The popular DJ Dewey Phillips played this song in Presley’s voice in his show named “Red Hot and Blues”. What happened next was magic; the studio phone was flooded by calls because listeners wanted to know about the singer eagerly. This was huge response and Phillips played the song in the finishing of the show. Later Presley was interviewed on air and he told his high school name to calm down the curiosity of some people who were assuming him as a black. That night Presley didn’t even sang that song he actually gave new life to this song in his own innovative and creative way.

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