Elvis Presley

Love|Hate|Envy all for the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley

Live performances and still but less failures during the journey of his career.

During his early life performances and he was still undergraduate. Getting success and facing failure simultaneously. But Presley didn’t look back and continued with his energy. After exploring his hidden talent and a success story on radio show he continued with his style and as we all know there were hater and lovers for Presley’s singing, critics and lot of extortions. It is well known that Presley didn’t write his own music as lot of singer in 1950’s doing the same what Presley was following. Like song of Hound Dog was origin by Big Mama Thornton. But the Presley’s version of Hound Dog was hitting the top. Later Presley did a cover of the Freddie Bell Version in Las Vegas with a little change.

The magic of Presley and His new guitar

As the time was moving forward Presley’s destiny was playing crazy. Presley was learning and he indeed succeeded to overcome his fear in public. Presley attended number of live shows with his very first band Trio along with Smith, Black Moore and DJ. Bob Neal , the promoter of the band soon became trio’s manager. Presley kept going back to Sun Studio for more recording. It was amazing how in that time despite criticizing by most of the people Presley was getting positive and crazy response from his fans and mostly his female fans. All the ladies would go wild whenever Presley moves and sing. The wild music and appearance of Presley was a mesmerizing mixture to make his fans go screamed. Lot of work and lots of heart beats, Presley finally sold his old guitar for 8 dollars and purchased his new one a Martin costing 175 dollar. This Mississippi boy was going to make remarkable impact in musical history.

How conscious he was at the time of his performance in public to be an influence.

According to of the member of the band named Moore, Presley was very conscious about his appearance in public. He wore wide collar and wide cut pants which helps to emphasize his movement. Sparkling clothes and waved hands holding a mike in one and slightly moved backward on his toes under his boots was an iconic image forever. Soon Presley gained his confidence and performed in public like a champ.  During the year 1955 his nonstop tours and well received releases had made him a regional star. Presley was getting noticed by big artist of that time like Colonel Tom Parker the promoter; he actually booked Presley on Snow’s February tour.  In Odessa while performing, it was the first time Orbison saw Presley and was so speechless and ran out of words while describing his feeling. Orbison was so influenced by Presley that he is known as a teen king. Orbison was only one year younger than Presley and he also followed Presley’s steps by going and getting success with Sun Records, Orbison fall in love with motorcycle when Presley introduced to him. Presley also praised his voice as greatest and most distinctive he ever heard. It was the first time when Orbison became the first musician since Presley to have two albums in the Top Five at the same time.  In this ongoing journey of busy schedule Parker was appointed as his advisor.

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