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The turning points in childhood of Elvis towards his success in Music

elvis presley

The turning points in childhood of Elvis towards his success in Music

Elvis Presley is the name we cannot forget till the music is alive in this universe. He is known as the king of rock and roll, who created his own style.  The entire life story of Presley is as interesting as he wanted to tell his audience. As we all know diamond has to go through the ruff to take its actual shape. Presley is one of those celebrities who started from zero. Let’s know about his singing journey of his childhood to graduate high school.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on 8th of January 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi with his twin brother. It is said that his identical twin named Jesse Garon Presley, brother was delivered stillborn about 35 minutes before him. Presley got his initial music inspiration whilst the family attended an Assembly of God. His family has to survive sometimes on neighbors help and government food assistance. They lost their house after his father Verona found guilty and sent to jail for eight months. They moved in with his relatives.

Ever wonder when and where Presley’s first ever solo performance happened!!

It was the month of September of 1941 when Presley entered first grade at East Tupelo Consolidate where his instructors regarded him as an average. 10 years old Presley was encouraged by one of his school teachers to participate in a singing competition. It was Presley’s first solo performance was held on 3rd of October 1945 at Alabama Fair and Dairy. Little Presley was dressed up as a cowboy standing on a wooden chair with holding the guitar in his hands to reach the microphone and sang “Old Shep.” I am still managing to imagine his cuteness!! However, he recalled placing fifth! A few months later on his birthday he received a guitar although he was hoping to get a bicycle or a rifle. Presley always had a great passion for guns. And he had a lot of guns in a collection, but never tried his hurt anyone.

“In the beginning, Presley learned guitar by watching people and he was so sure that he would never sing in public because of his shy nature”.

In the month of September 1946, Presley attended sixth grade in new school, Milam, where he was known as a loner as he was a shy kid. Presley started bringing his guitar later in school and used to play and sing at lunch time. And as we all know star life is never begins or ends without criticism, students often teased him as a trash guy who played bushwhacker music. Later Presley was described as a ‘crazy about music boy’ by a devotee on the Tupelo radio station WELO. A classmate of Presley often took him to the radio station. This classmate was the younger brother of Slim. Later, Slim scheduled him for two on-air performances and young Presley was overcome by stage fright and succeeded in performing the following weeks.

“It was his style to overcome his shyness and gave an answer to one of his critic in a polite way.”

Presley was very close to her mother and was a very shy person in public. In November 1948, his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. He was in eighth grade when his music teacher gave him C grade saying that he has no aptitude in music or singing. The very next day he brings his guitar and sang a song. Presley complained that the teacher didn’t appreciate his kind of singing and he was right. In result later that teacher agreed what Presley said. As we know Presley was a shy and was bullied by classmates occasionally, also they often consider him a mama’s boy.

“Presley a timid boy as we all know never gave up on music and took all his critics as a sign for improvement. This attitude of Presley held certain changing dramatically”.

He started practicing regularly under the tutelage of Jesse Lee Denson, who was a neighbour and his senior, along with three other boys including Dorsey and Johnny Burnette. They all prepared a loose musical collective that played frequently around the Courts. Presley began showing at Loew’s State theatre.

In dramatic way during the time of his junior years, Presley began catching every eyeball of his classmates because of his appearance! He originated his sideburns and he raised his hair with Vaseline and oil of rose. By the time in his senior years he started wearing all flashy clothes and started wandering on the street in his free time to overcome his reticence about performing outside the Lauderdale courts.

In April 1953, he competed in Humens’s Annual Minstrel show. Presley was singing and playing guitar. Presley was amazed after this performance, which did a lot for his reputation. Presley recalled that he wasn’t popular in school and the only thing he ever failed was music and how they entered him in a talent show… people were talking and whispering about the fact that I can even sung! It was amazing how popular he became at that time after this.

“Presley was born talented and fortunately he knew about it and enhanced in music”.

Here, the point to be noted is that Presley had never took any formal tuition on music in formal. All he learned from his heart and frequently found listening booths and jukeboxes in record stores. He learned all of Hank Snow’s songs and also had interest in other country singers as well.

He had huge interest in gospel singing and he became a regular audience at the monthly All Night Singing downtown. His favourite was black gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Arthur Crudup and Rufus Thomas, an African American musician became Presley’s inspiration. Once, B.B King said that he had known Presley before his popularity as they both used to frequent Beale Street. Presley had already discriminated music as his future by the time he graduated from high school in June 1953.

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