Elvis Presley

First Guitar was actually gifted form Presley’s mother!!

Presley and his fame around the world!

Guitar was actually gifted form Presley’s mother!!

Elvis Presley was born to grow up to become the king of rock n roll! Presley’s parents were working class parents who had little money and that’s became the reason to lead them to move place to place. Presley was the most loving boy and he was fully devoted to his parents, mostly to his mother. When Presley was a kid he enjoyed gospel music. He actually had got influenced by gospel music.

His first guitar was gifted from his mother on his 11th birthday in the year of 1946. Soon, Presley was getting chances to participate in music competitions in schools and won a talent show in Memphis. Before his graduation Presley joined Sun Records for some of his song recording. Presley began touring and recording and getting closer to his big break. Dramatically, the song he sang at the time of audition “that’s all right mama” became the first milestone of his career in late 1954.

Presley finally discovered his real talent

It was the year of 1955, when Presley was being followed by fans who loved his unusual musical talent, rabble-rousing and spinning around butt movements and of course his beauty. Presley signed with RCA Records in the supervision of his manager Colonel Tom Parker. By the year of 1956 Presley became so popular that he was on the top of the list for guest on TV and radio shows.

In no time Presley was everywhere, He was on radio on television and silver screen. In March it was first ever debut on the KSLA-TV broadcast of Louisiana Hayride. He failed audition of CBS. By August, Sun Records released latest recordings of the team of trio when the new drummer joined Presley, Scotty and Bill. DJ Fontana brought new elements to beat with Presley’s style. That was the time when Presley was variously tagged as The King of Western Bop, The Hillbilly Cat and The Memphis Flash.  Surprisingly, disc jockeys of many other countries wouldn’t play Presley’s music because he sounded too much like a black artist or in other words he sounded too much as a hillbilly.

Fear of success!!

According to Neil as he recalled about the strange fear at the time they were touring and performing in Texas. Because of response and reaction they were receiving from youth out of some kind of jealousy, would literally hate him. They had to have appointed police to guard them, because maybe somebody with their gang would attack them. Presley actually proved himself as a versatile singer with versatile voice, be it gospel, ballads pop and blues. In fact he is the only one who performed in four music Halls of Fame.

Presley had begun his successful career as of his performers of Rockabilly. His refreshing and new version of existing songs and the art of mixing ‘black’ and ‘white’ sounds made him extremely popular and controversial simultaneously – as did his unrestrained stage and TV shows. Presley without any pause kept on recording rock & roll genre.  Presley’s audience has chosen him as the most promising and raising male artist of the year. At the age of 20, Presley was approached by several music record companies with offers like $25000 to $40000, as he was still minor so his father signed his contract!

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