Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley – The taste of victory

Elvis Presley: who dared to win

Elvis Presley: who crowned as a King of Rock n Roll, who dared to win over himself.  Presley gave his best of the best to win the crowd’s heart to make them love different music.  Leaving his fans screaming in joy and giving them his true love on the stage… just imagine how mesmerizing, iconic and unforgettable poses and memories he has given to the world. It’s hard to forget his voice and style ever. Even after so many years of his death, Presley still remains in our heart and will remain in future as well.

The taste of victory

Presley was on his track going through the song recording era. He was the one in 50’s whom nobody including that time’s big celeb could ignore him. His debut album had seven recently recoded tracks including unreleased sun records. Unlike many other white artists, Presley’s music was the most played. Presley was kind of specialist of injecting his tunes and vocal to the songs, and he always used his guitar instead of piano. ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ became the first ever rock n roll album which stayed on top positioned for about 10 weeks in the Billboard chart, and it was released by RCA Victor.

As Presley appeared first on TV channel NBS ‘Milton Berie Show’ and performed with his guitar on USS Hancock, San Diego.  Before the number one pop hit there was something happened with Presley and his band, it was their first interaction with death together! What happened was when Presley’s troop was flying for recording Nashville one of the engines got failed, but luckily they all survived. Within not more than 3 months he scored first number one single with ‘Heartbrak Hotel’ also his first number one album ‘Elvis Presley’.

Presley was signing contracts as he was an ambitions bird

He also signed his first seven year contract with Paramount Pictures. Presley had a serious ambition for acting; he soon started touring. The success of ‘Hound Dog’ left Presley’s critics even worst. A letter had been sent to FBI director stating and imaging Presley as a threat to the United States. His action and movement were defined vulgar and dangerous to the young generation as an arousal for the passion of sex. The letter also mentioned how the youth in big quantity fled into Presley’s room and girls of high school had been autographed on their thigh and abdomen by Presley. This controversial added salt to taste as Presley became a sex symbol and “The King of Rock n Roll”.

The taste of success was as sweet as bitter cucumber

Later, during his performances he would wave his hand and touches the string of guitar along with his movement of pelvis and which gave a definite sexual indication grinding with his high energetic leg movements. All this, burst out the lava from his critics, The New York Times described Presley as an extremely vulgar, indiscernible singing ability on the other hand Daily News also stated same but with more emphasized language.  Moreover, the nation’s most popular variety show’s Ed Sullivan added, as Presley is unfit for family viewing and commented on him ‘Elvis, who rotates his Pelvis’.  When Presley heard himself referred ‘Elvis the Pelvis’, for this he responded remarkable: as the most childish thing ever said from an adult.

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