Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley got famous in both ways positive and negative as well.


Elvis Presley got famous in both ways positive and negative as well.

It was Presley who was going on and on with his music unstoppable. He was so much determined and focused to prove himself and to make people love him for his kind of music. And eventually he got succeeded to wear the crown and became the ‘The King’. It will remain remarkable how only his appearance in public during music show leave his fans shouting and screaming in joy , leaving their eyes wide open and spreading a wide wild smile on their faces. Specially, those women who were falling in love with Presley and going crazy every time they see or heard Presley.

Initial and critical debuts for his on screen career

As Presley was making debut in television industry he was facing a lot of criticize and receiving praise simultaneously. In New York on the set of NBC’s show ‘Steve Allen Show’, Presley was introduced in new getup. That time Presley was too much conscious to represent himself on television; as he didn’t want to do anything silly to make his audience hate him. Very next day songs like ‘Any way you want me’, ‘Don’t be cruel’ and ‘Hound dog’ were recorded by Presley along with the Jordanaries’ harmony of the Steve Allen Show. It was another huge break for his success.  It was for the first time when Allen’s show beaten CBS’s Ed Sullivan Show in rating.

Presley was so much terrified to hit a woman on screen

Few months later Presley would be filmed only from waist up for the Ed Sullivan Show and performed for his upcoming film ‘love me tender’. It was 1956 when his first movie ‘Love me Tender’ had huge success on box office. In his movies Presley devoted himself as a lover boy deeply in love with his women and he had the natural talent to show it and make it as real as he can. I wonder how many women had already fallen in love with him without his concern!! RCA received about one million recording order in advance. According to Hopper when Presley was busy shooting for ‘love me tender’ there was shot where Presley had to hit a women for whom he was so worried that how could he do that. Hopper later told him that violent scene in movie isn’t for real he just had to act like that he is hitting someone, it can’t be real. In the short span of 18 months Presley was already featured in four movies.

Presley was knocked off once from the charts

It would be unfair if I won’t share of one the best singer of that time when Presley was spreading his magic to the world. That artist was nun originally, who was known as singing nun later. Sister Luc Gabriel’s music ‘Dominic’ became such a hit that it knocked Presley off the charts! She also appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show as well. Later when she eventually left convent and shacked up with her girlfriend, they both committed suicide in 1982.

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