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Elvis Presley molded music in new shape long ago

A lean boy from Mississippi, holding a guitar in hands, carrying so much real emotion on his face, singing a love or a sad song while performing will make every woman go crazy. Presley and his guitar had so many stories and journeys to share. Presley’s dedication made it happened and in his time he was the one whose music broke a record of about 100 songs being placed in Billboard. His fans were eager to see him live performing and were expecting to see him acting on silver screen too. Presley bought an eighteen rooms’ mansion for his parents in Graceland.

Sullivan form the Ed Sullivan Show had actually said it

Elvis Presley was declared as a decent fine boy after his performance for ‘peace in the valley’ by Sullivan (Ed Sullivan Show). Presley’s first movie was ‘Love me tender’ in 1956 was a hit at box office. It was another huge success in his life while trying out new things. By reaching in the first half of year 1957, Presley singles were on the top. His singles like ‘Teddy bear’, ‘Too much’ and ‘All shook up’, all of these songs were hitting on the top of the list. This star was attracting his fans from all over the world and influencing them also where he was not officially introduced.

Presley; the rising star was the true lover off-screen also

His second movie, a Technicolor, ‘Loving you’ got released in the month of July. When Presley started to climb on success stairs he didn’t stop. ‘Loving you’ soundtrack was a hit on the chart. This was recent success. One by one his movies were releasing and his next movie was ‘Jailhouse Rock’ after a huge success of ‘Loving You’. Meanwhile, the songwriters Leiber and Stoller claimed Presley’s good luck charm! How Leiber and strolled were amazed about Presley’s knowledge about black standard music. Presley was a white man and how much he knew about country music and gospel music. At the time of song recording he could learn in few minutes for demo.

One couldn’t deny to fall in love with Presley

Presley was touring in places to make his fans crazy, both in positive and negative ways. It was the time when watching Presley was meant to be killed. The crowd could destroy the stage; eggs were thrown from crowd at him at the time of his performances. According to one magazine, in an article, Frank Sinatra who was famous in the 1940s, described Presley’s work in the most utter and bitter words as ever had. Frank told to magazine that Presley’s music contains the most destructive manner for youth. He also said that Presley acted like a violent young and stupid. He actually expressed his strong disapproval. As we all know Presley he responded as softly as he could. He reminded Frank Sinatra about his struggle when he started years ago to be a great success. And he said that everyone has the right to speak whatever they feel like, but he got little disappointed when Frank as a celebrity said something like that.

After all this he had to continue and with Leiber and Stoller he recorded a Christmas Album. ‘Santa Clause is back in town’ is all time favorite album. For his next movie ‘King Creole’, Leiber and Stroller worked with Presley. They gave three songs for this movie.

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