Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was a broken heart baby

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Elvis Presley was a broken heart baby

It was the time when Presley was on the top of every list, say it radio, TV, Live shows or silver screen. His magic was everywhere.  People couldn’t escape his charm. Presley is well known for his rock n roll music. And the day came when his duty called. He joined army as a regular soldier and went for training. He was furious but was very clear about his decision. While training, Presley demanded to treat him like any other soldier.

Presley became a pistol sharpshooter with all his dedication. Whilst he enjoyed, he described his homesickness and fear losing his fame and career. He wrote few letters to his friends and depicts his fear of end of his career. One of his instructor named Bill Norwood, would allow Presley to call home on several occasion could see him in tears during many phone calls. Presley had fear of losing his fame and name but his manager Tom reassured him.

Presley collapsed several times while serving for army

Well, we all know how Presley and his mother were so much attached to each other. Think about that mother who was missing his son badly. Gladys was with her son in Texas. She was worried about his son’s army commitments, that she increased alcohol and start taking diet pills to lose weight. This combination took her life. First she collapsed while arguing with her husband. Presley arranged them back to Memphis. But next day his mother condition got worst and admitted her in emergency. Presley couldn’t stand this and after seeking permission he went on emergency leave to visit his beloved mother. Presley and his father bother were destructed after her death on 14th of august. He returned to Fort Hood after her funeral. His mother was the most important person in his life.

Music was the only thing he left in his life

Presley already had pain to lose his twin brother and now his mother was taken away. After his training at Fort Hood he assigned in West Germany. He became friend of his fellow soldier Charlie Hodge, who was in special services and requested him to show up with him for one of his service. Presley agreed but to play piano in the background. After his mother’s death he was more deeply in his pain. Presley showed his generosity by donating his army pay to charity. Music was his only way to overcome his sadness and all this was going on in his life he was still working and listening to his manager to back on the track.

The time when Presley got his brother back

No sooner after his mother’s death, Vernon developed love relationship with a lady named Dee Stanley, in love relationship with ex-wife of an army sergeant Bill Stanley. It was kind of difficult to understand for Presley for his father involvement with another woman so soon after her mother’s death. The couple got married in 1960. Presley personally never liked Dee but what he got from Dee and his father was a brother he never had. He developed a close relationship to his young sibling.

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