Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and the journey begin

Elvis Presley and the journey begin…

Elvis Presley is a well known name for rock and roll music. Presley is one of those people who have proved that death is not the end. Presley is known as a singer, actor and musician, but he was also honorable discharged sergeant and had spent two years serving for nation in West Germany. Keeping in mind when he was serving for nation he lost his mother whom he loved most. Presley was isolated in Germany but when the time came to leave for home; America he found someone attractive and his soul wanted to spend more time with that young lady. We know her by the name Priscilla. Priscilla can be seen in some famous movies and series like ‘Naked Gun’, ‘Love is forever’, ‘Dallas’ and ‘Breakfast with Einstein’ and so on. In 1960, leaving his love of life, Presley returned to USA and get back to his business. He was always in touch with Priscilla over the phone calls.

Fortune for all

‘Stuck on you’ was his hush-hush new album after coming back from Germany, at RCA’s Nashville Studio. It was again a number one hit on the list along with the rest say ‘it’s now or never’, ‘Are you lonesome’ and ‘Elvis is back.’ He even appeared as a guest in one TV Show. He continued his acting and singing with films such as ‘Blue Hawaii’, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ and many others. There’s an interesting story about the location of this film Blue Hawaii. A resort opened in 1953 known as ‘Coco Palms’ was just another tropical paradise. It was not so fortune until Elvis Presley arrived there to film. After his arrival the resort started earning fortune and became a famous destination for couple and family including celebrities. So we could say Blue Hawaii was a huge success for all. Presley stayed there in a suite cottage number 56. Unfortunately, in 1992 the island became a victim of Hurricane Iniki which led the island into recession and was never recovered; moreover it was taken away by vandals and thieves.

Summer of 62’

Presley was pushed into movies heavily by his manager Parker, who was scheduling him for more work. Presley wanted to change the perception about him of his negative audience and he personally wanted to do more serious role other than a lover boy. By the end of 1960 his films like ‘flaming star’ and ‘wild in the country’ wasn’t a huge success. During his busy schedule Presley could manage to convince Priscilla’s parents to send her on visit for about fifteen days. They agreed on less than one condition if Presley bares all the expenses and that she would write every day. It was summer of 1962 when Presley met her again and took her Las Vegas and asked Priscilla to write postcards for every day so he could manage someone from his staff to mailed one on her behalf every day. According to Priscilla, she took amphetamines and sleeping pills first time to just keep her up with Presley’s schedule.

In March 1963 Priscilla moved to Graceland to spend time with Presley. But there was an agreement before her parents agreed. That agreement included the stay of Priscilla would be with Presley’s parents’ adjacent house until her graduation, number one, number two was she would attend the immaculate conception high school in Memphis, Tennessee and the last one that they would eventually get married.


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