Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and his wedding with Priscilla Beaulieu

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu got married after being in a relationship for about seven years, on 1st of May in 1967, at hotel Aladdin, Las Vegas. The whole responsibility was taken by Presley’s manager Colonel Tom Parker. Tom would never leave any opportunity to make money out of any event happening in Presley’s life without publicizing in grand. However Tom as a person and a manager of Presley did something which was felt unpleasant near to Presley’s close friends. Moreover, despite personally invited by Presley, Red West to attend the ceremony, was insulted by stopping him and his wife to not to present in the ceremony. Red was furious after this, he had been with Presley since he was nothing and who invited Presley to be his best man in his own wedding. Red decided to stop working for Presley. It was not only Red who was not happy but other of Presley’s friends got disappointed too, although they blame Tom for all this mess.

Priscilla and Presley all alone spending time together

After ceremony the couple went in private jet to enjoy honeymoon in Palm Springs for like 3 days and soon came back to Memphis. This was the time where Priscilla was enjoying taking care of Presley by her own without any maid or housekeepers around, she added that she got a chance to be a proper wife by cleaning, cooking and washing for her husband without any interruptions. They were getting closer while in that time before going back to Graceland for reception. Presley was awarded his first Grammy for a gospel album ‘how great thou art’ in 1967 for the best sacred performance. Keeping in mind that Presley was a white gospel singer of his time.

The time when couple got blessed with a baby girl

Soon the couple got pregnant. However, Priscilla was not much happy to know about her pregnancy so early. She even discussed with Presley to go for an abortion but both couldn’t stand with idea and finally they decided to keep the baby. After nine successful months Priscilla gave birth to a baby girl on 1st February 1968. She is his only child named Lisa Marie Presley.

68’ Special Comeback

On the other side Presley was deeply sad with his career. He couldn’t perform better to win his fans’ hearts and was not satisfied with himself too. Tom and Presley recorded his first TV special in 1968 as referred his comeback.  It was the first live show since 1961. Bill Belew was the man who designed Presley’s costume for the show which was so unforgettable! Imagine Presley holding mike singing and playing guitar in black shiny tight leather along with Napoleonic standing collar and of course his moves. That outfit was remarkable! Presley successfully succeeded to vow his audience once again. Often heard form Dave Marsh about his performance one of the emotional grandeur and historical resonance.  The show was directed by Steve Binder and produced by Bone Howe and Binder again. Written by Chris Bearde and Allen Blye. Distributed by NBC (TV Special) and Sony Music Entertainment (DVD Releases). The show was recorded early in June and released on 3rd December 1968.

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