Elvis Presley

Respect and love for the same reason is UNIQUE – Elvis

What does it feel like after coming back like a storm!!

’68 Special Coming back for Elvis Presley was a huge success to boost up his journey with new beginings. After floating in the success of special ’68 coming back, Presley got engaged in live performances more. He got new released in June 1969 as ‘From Elvis in Memphis’ as his first secular and non soundtrack album, which was led by American Sound Studio. We remember how ‘Dave Marsh’ described him as it was his stunning achievement, singing country songs, soul songs, rocking and easily catching up pop music. After his coming back special Presley was performing regularly and the whole world was calling him with lavish offers. This was incredible, it all depend on once will and dedication and Presley was one of a kind who didn’t know how to give up. Once, the London Palladium offered his manager $28000 for seven days engagement. His manager, Colonel Tom Parker showed interest to accept the amount and asked them what they had to offer Presley! Parker knew what he got and how to make and secure money for Presley and himself.

When you have Power it shows.

Soon, Presley was booked for at least 57 shows by a new International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. They had booked their largest showroom in the city for Elvis. Later, Presley assembled new companions to perform with him for these shows including a guitarist and two gospel groups. Presley was very nervous because of his last failure of 1956 in Las Vegas. Presley recruited ‘Bill Belew’ to design his costumes for upcoming shows. He designed jumpsuits for Presley to wear and perform on the stage. Sure, he was earning applauds, spark in eyes and crazy joyous screams from his fans in bulk. The number ‘Can’t help falling in love’ would be his closing number most of the time.

Respect and love for the same reason is UNIQUE.

After performing for his shows and before the beginning of his shows, celebrities and his audience gave him standing ovation. It was wonderful; Presley could see respect for him and for his music in the eyes of his fans. After this show Presley was attending press conferences and he got a contract done from the hotel for next five years performing for the month of February and August every year at the salary of One Million Dollars only! If there would be someone else to face these drastic ups and downs with career, he or she probably had lost the hope, but this was Presley who never gave up despite sometimes he was haunted by thoughts as he was over, but he never gave up trying and giving his best every time. Presley met Tom Jones (Singer) at Flamingo and two became good friends and spend more time together. Earlier, Jones and Presley met in Hollywood for the first time. Presley was Jones’ Idol. In the month of November, a double album titled ‘From Memphis to Vegas and ‘From Vegas to Memphis’ came out.


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