Elvis Presley

  1. Elvis Presley and his journey with music  
  2. Elvis Presley met Priscilla
  3. Elvis Presley got famous in both ways positive and negative as well.
  4. Initial and critical debuts for his on screen career
  5. Presley was so much terrified to hit a woman on screen
  6. Presley was knocked off once from the charts
  7. Elvis Presley – The taste of victory
  8. Elvis Presley: who dared to win
  9. Presley was signing contracts as he was an ambitions bird
  10. The taste of success was as sweet as bitter cucumber
  11. Elvis Presley was a broken heart baby
  12. Presley collapsed several times while serving for army
  13. Music was the only thing he left in his life
  14. The time when Presley got his brother back
  15. First Guitar was actually gifted form Presley’s mother!!
  16. Presley and his fame around the world!
  17. Presley finally discovered his real talent
  18. Fear of success!!
  19. Love|Hate|Envy all for the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley
  20. Live performances and still but less failures during the journey of his career.
  21. The magic of Presley and His new guitar
  22. How conscious he was at the time of his performance in public to be an influence.
  23. Various recording of Elvis in the beginning of his career
  24. “This is how life was testing Presley’s dedication.”
  25. “Search ended for DJ Dewey Phillips when he met Presley for the first time.”
  26. “It was just the Beginning!”
  27. Elvis Presley who didn’t know how to give up!!
  28. “Presley was born talented and fortunately he knew about it and enhanced his skill”.
  29. “His style was unique to overcome his shyness and gave an answer to one of his critic in a polite way.”
  30. The turning points in childhood of Elvis towards his success in Music
  31. Ever wonder when was Presley’s first ever solo performance!!
  32. “In the begging Presley learned guitar by watching people and he was so sure that he would never sing in public because of his shy nature”.
  33. “Presley a timid boy as we all know never gave up on music and took all his critics as a sign for improvement. This attitude of Presley held certain changing dramatically”.
  34. “Presley was born talented and fortunately he knew about it and enhanced in music”.
  35. An usual and doubtful extortion form his doctor.
  36. Elvis Presley had a big pile of complaints with FBI.
  37. Presley had unhealthy obsession with his friend James Dean
  38. Ever heard about Sergeant Elvis Aaron Presley
  39. Was Presley manipulated by his manager Tom Parker?
  40. His fame was talking
  41. Black Monday
  42. Success of Passion and Separation from Love
  43. Respect and love for the same reason is UNIQUE
  44. What does it feel like after coming back like a storm!!
  45. ’68 Special Coming back for Elvis Presley was a huge success.
  46. When you have Power it shows.
  47. Elvis Presley and challenges in his life
  48. An unusual meeting held with Mr. President in 1970- Elvis presley
  49. Elvis Years of Success again
  50. A lean boy from Mississippi – Elvis Presley
  51. Elvis Presley molded music in new shape 
  52. Sullivan form the Ed Sullivan Show had actually said it
  53. Presley; the rising star was the true lover off-screen also
  54. One couldn’t deny to fall in love with Presley
  55. Unforgettable Chapter in the history of Music – Elvis presley
  56. Presley was really nervous once again
  57. Elvis Presley and his wedding with Priscilla Beaulieu
  58. Priscilla and Presley all alone spending time together
  59. The time when couple got blessed with a baby girl
  60. 68’ Special Comeback
  61. Elvis Presley and the journey begin
  62. Summer of 62’
  63. Elvis Presley and his journey with music
  64. According to his ex-wife Priscilla in her book ‘Elvis and Me’,
  65. Elvis Presley has never said but everyone could see!
  66. Elvis Presley and his come backs  
  67. Elvis Presley born to live forever
  68. Presley was offered by Saudi Arabia for $5 million to perform there
  69. Elvis step brother David
  70. Adam and Evil = Elvis song

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