Elvis Presley

Aloha from Hawaii

In the beginning of 1973, Presley performed in two concerts for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund. On January 14 was the day when Aloha from Hawaii was being broadcasted globally for the first time. By reaching to his, millions and millions of fans from almost all over the world. Eventually, they sold over 5 million records.
In the month of May of the same year, Presley’s father and manager attempt to deal with Presley’s growing dependence on prescription drugs hired a private detective to find out the main way of drugs coming from and they were successful in stopping that. But Presley had an alternate way to get another doctor to meet his demand. Presley’s main doctor named ‘George C. Nichopoulos would often make changes in an attempt to wean him off the drugs. Later in the year, people who were always around Presley would tell of how it was difficult for Presley to quit drugs sometimes.

When Cassandra Peterson met Presley in Las Vegas, where she was working as a showgirl recalls of her encounter with him in sweet memories. She proudly and surprisingly told that Presley was so anti-drug when she met him. He even told her not to smoke marijuana again. Moreover, she added that he not only opposed to the drugs but also a rarely drank, however, he had few of his family alcoholic addicted.
Way to being drug addictive, Presley once tried to serve for FBI. He requested a meeting with J. Edger Hoover, showing his interest to work with FBI and to rat out subversives in the entertainment industry. The most interesting thing is that on his personal hit list to stop drug abuse was none of the Beatles! But Presley’s assistance was declined by the head of the FBI.
The time was moving on and so as Presley’s life. Presley couldn’t control his gain of weight and prescription drug abused. Eventually, that happened what should not for such a great star, he started performing drugged and forgetting lyrics on the stage. Once, Presley had attacked Barron Hilton in a verbal rage on the stage. Parker was so furious and headed to the dressing room of Presley. The room was heated up with their ongoing argument and Presley fired him but in return, Parker quit his job. Their working relationship was over now and claimed had been made. Parker tried to talk to his client but Presley just asked him to stay away from his personal life. His addiction was getting worst.
People around Presley recall that how it was difficult to quit the drugs. And for Presley, he didn’t want to handle his situation as a negative impact on public and he just didn’t know what was going on. Presley was already broken several other times in earlier but this time after his divorce he could find himself difficult to walk again. Everyone could see him how broken he was when he got separated from Priscilla. Presley was getting unwell more and more.


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