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An usual and doubtful extortion form his doctor – Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley had a big pile of complaints with FBI.

No matter how popular a celebrity is, can’t escape extortions! Elvis Presley had been a biggest celebrity of his time ever in the world. What FBI got is a big pile of Presley’s complaints, threats, extortions and a lot what he had faced throughout his life. His life wasn’t easy as it looks full of musical. He had been through many mental and emotional tortures till his last day.

An usual and doubtful extortion form his doctor

If we discusses one of his unusual extortion case of 1959, we would come to know how he was struggle to keep him away from all negative publicity which were bad for his career and life. Presley was serving in army and he was already in stressed because at that time he lost his most beloved person: his mother. He was far away from home and had been serving in West Germany.  Presley saw an advertisement of a skin specialist and he decided to hire his services. This advertisement was given by a South African dermatologist and his was Laurenze Johannes Griessel Landau. Laurenze got an opportunity to serve for Presley and reached Germany to start his skin treatment.

Presley went on with the treatment for about a month to check if the treatment is helping him. However his associates found Laurenze suspicious. Soon Presley came to know about a homosexual approach to his friend by Laurenze. The moment Presley realized he fired him. After he got fired Laurenze didn’t stop there and attempted extortion. Laurenze claimed that he had some evidence like recorded tapes and photographs of Presley in compromising situations and demanded compensation.

As it could be harmful for Presley’s career, Laurenze was convinced and to settle down this mess he was offered for $200. Ultimately the case was settled; but nobody knows if Laurenze had any of his word true. But after his departure to London he was never heard again.

Presley had unhealthy obsession with his friend James Dean

If we talk about another rumor, one of Presley’s obsession will revealed. Everybody knows about Presley’s obsessions may be few of his obsessions. Presley had already left his mark on his fans’ heart with his hypnotized music but he still want to improve himself in other areas also. One thing he desperately wanted to improve was ‘acting’. This was the reason when Presley got obsessed with a big time actor ‘James Dean’. He wanted be the next charming actor like Dean. Presley sought out one of Dean’s coworker named Natalie Wood and she visited to Graceland. His obsession was so intense that he sought out Dean’s close friend named ‘Nick Adams’. In my personal opinion, his obsession was to improve his acting career not with any actor. In result, till this date and after his death, rumor is that Nick Adams had sexual relationship with Dean and Presley as well. His obsession had left great effects on his both personal and professional life.

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