Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and challenges in his life

In early ’70 he was as busy as bee. Busy in making his fans more cheerful. He was spending more time with his fans. Performing live in his jumpsuits was his new hobby to promote his passion and love for music. He was and He will remain the ‘King’ forever. Interestingly, the more the fame he got the more threats he received from unknown sources, most of those threats were not even in his knowledge. While Presley busy doing a documentary known ‘Elvis: That’s the Way it is’ he was threatened with murder. They demanded for $50000. Since 1950 he was being threatened for several times. The FBI took it seriously and arranged for his security for next shows. Presley carried a .45 pistol in his waistband while his performances.

How Parker manipulated most of the time – Elvis Presley

Presley’s manger ‘Colonel Tom Parker’ was a Dutch and avoid travelling outside USA. He never encourage Presley to perform abroad because he didn’t want to barred reentry to the state if he traveled aboard and also he didn’t want to lose the influence if Presley travelling without him anywhere. Parker even engaged him to do more films instead of live performances. Once Presley even tried to start a film project himself with Barbara Streisand but it was sabotaged by Parker after asking for too much money. Clearly Parker didn’t want to lose his job with Presley.

An unusual meeting held with Mr. President in 1970- Elvis presley

In 1970, on December 21st, Presley flew to meet the President Mr. Richard Nixon at White House. This was a unusual meeting for both the president and the rock star. This was a fascinating story how Presley without any invitation or any communication he flew with his bodyguards to see president in Washington D.C. During his journey, Presley wrote a six pages letter to president, expressing his patriotism and worries about drugs. Presley reached to white house and handed over that letter to a guard and waited outside. He was scheduled to meet president in afternoon. He finally got to meet president in Oval office and he mentioned how he can be helpful to youth not to abuse themselves with drugs. He showed respect for the flag and wanted to take part to heal all bad things of the country. He also mentioned about a meeting which was held five years ago with Beetles, that how they were representing the anti-Americanism and drug abuse in culture.

Elvis Years of Success again

In 1971, Presley was awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by ‘National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.’ In the same year The ‘U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce’ named Elvis in the annual ten most outstanding young men of the nation in January. Three new albums released with the biggest seller of ‘Elvis sings the wonderful world of Christmas.’ Recording of I will be rue, I’ll take you home again and It’s still here were the specials as he recorded in a rare solo set, sitting at piano after everyone had left for home. People still remember the ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ magic

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