Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and his come backs

Elvis Presley and his come backs

Do the rock n roll and stand by with Presley! The only well known name for ‘rock n roll’ music till the date. Really hard to escape from his charm and music. A chocolate lover boy in his movies. Really hard working and so true in his performances. Presley always wanted to give his performance as a perfectionist and that’s the reason why he kept on improving his performance and learning more about his acting. A super hit actor- singer who had so many achievements in his bag before he took his last breath.

Coming back for Presley was good and bad both

By the end of 1960, Presley was losing his appeal at the box office. His work was getting criticise and nonetheless his music albums and movies getting attention and fortune in both ways in positive and negative. In 1962 when his time was going through a rough time he again found Priscilla in her way to calm him down and relax. However, Presley was always busy and on tours frequently, and in between Priscilla wanted to accompany him for Hollywood as she was excited to visit Hollywood with her boyfriend Presley. Presley didn’t want her go Hollywood with him. But he couldn’t stop her for long. It is said that the rumours about Presley with his co-stars affecting seriously on their love life. Eventually, she went for a short visit to Presley in Hollywood. Later, Priscilla was told to not to believe every rumour what media is spreading about him.

Dose it happen in everyone’s life!!

The time ran away and more than seven years were gone in no time just before Presley proposed Priscilla. It was slightly before Christmas of 1996; he eventually proposed Priscilla and decided to settle down with her soon. There was a whole drama story behind his proposal to Priscilla. Later in 1973, Priscilla admitted what nobody knows about their relationship before marriage. She recalled that how happy they were while living together and they found marriage was not necessary at that point of time and live in relationship was infamous in society. Her father threatened her to take her story to media if Presley refused to marry her and they would impose a ‘Mann act’ against him. When Presley’s manager Parker came to know about this he also encouraged him to marry her. Some says he was so upset about his marriage that he was caught crying and was suggested to cancel this marriage but in reply he simply answered that he had no choice but to go through this. On the other hand according to others like Joe Esposito, Presley was so excited to Priscilla Beaulieu.

1st May 1967 was the day they both knot a tie

Another interesting thing was told by Priscilla herself would raise thousands of eyebrows. In an interview with Suzanne Finstad Priscilla declared that Presley and Priscilla never did intercourse until before their wedding night. What she was saying in her autobiography that Presley wanted to save it until their wedding night but it doesn’t mean that they can’t do other stuff!! They were couple for more than seven years without having sex which was normally can be done by any other couple in a very short span of time!

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