Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and his journey with music

In his time, Presley’s personal life seemed to be an upswing. Since his birth, he was being tortured by pain and during his life he had been blessed with fortune as well. He came to know about his still born brother, his mother died after few years. He struggled to get his love Priscilla to be his wife and then was blessed with a baby girl in following year after marriage. By the early 1970, their marriage was falling apart and eventually the couple got divorced in 1973. Presley’s wife got their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley’s custody.  Despite this he was also in a fight with himself, including his growing addiction to prescription drugs, over weight problem and his ill and destructive lifestyle.

According to his ex-wife Priscilla in her book ‘Elvis and Me’, he was obsessed with occult. Priscilla added that Presley was constantly looking for new ways to get higher levels of consciousness. He frequently read books from variety of authors about occultism. He did a little more than taking barbiturates and the sedative Placidyl and then fight with his drowsiness as he tried to read his books. Eventually Presley kicked his obsession with the occult and had burn all his books. He eventually turned back to Christianity. He was known as a Christian who appreciated church and family values in his life and which became more important to him than any other in the dark days of his life.

After leaving Priscilla, Presley got engaged with other women. After a split between Linda Thompson in 1976, he got engaged with her new girlfriend Ginger Alden. He proposed her with an engagement ring. On the contrary, Presley’s friends claimed that Presley had no serious intention to get married again. This all was happening along with his ongoing tours. He was hugely overweight and was impossible to understand on his concert, barely stayed for an hour. His later performance got cancelled because he couldn’t get out from his bad. He was spending time with his spiritualism books as his entire world became his room. He could spend his time in hourly long chat.

He later attended for CBS two tv shows and during these shows he seemed to be recovering from his unsettled image to become better. In august the book entitled ‘Elvis: What happened?’ got published by his former bodyguards, which was about Presley’s addiction for prescribed drugs. His former bodyguards exposed his addiction for drugs and few other things as well. After publishing this book he suffered from multiple ailments: Glaucoma, high BP, Liver damage and an enlarged colon. Presley was devastated by the book. That book played a role of petrol in the fire. Presley had tried to stop that book to be published but he failed to do that.

Despite his personal obstacles, he remained popularity in Las Vegas and tours. After concert he returned to home in Memphis mansion, Graceland to prepare for his next tour. He did the same in June 1977 after his last concert.

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