Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley has never said but everyone could see!

Years of success, fulfilling life with joy and just going on and on. Elvis Presley was living his life after his comeback and losing his grip from his personal life simultaneously. During his music journey, a lot of other singers were also embossing their type of music to get liked from society. A big name comes in the light most while Presley was away a bit. The beetles were there to give completion to Presley. But Presley was more interested in himself rather than anyone’s’ defeat.  His life was falling apart. Being the biggest hater for drugs and being addicted to drugs were two different stories.

As we all know what has Elvis scarifies in his life. His brother, his mother, his love of life, his friends and faced so many other issues. But we also know that Elvis Presley was a king and ‘King’ can only ‘gives’ don’t scarifies for anything. After separation with his wife Priscilla, he didn’t stop supporting her. However, he became more unwell after their separation. He even had spent 3 days in the coma in his hotel suite.  Presley had the busiest schedule ever since his comeback till 1973, 168 concerts in a row. And has few more tours in a row already. And he attended all with the help of prescribed drugs, but who knew that it would be his addiction now. What Presley was doing nobody knows. He wanted to live for his fans but he was losing the life.

During his live shows or concerts, Presley started falling out from his limousine and push away the crowded helping hand, going on the stage , slurring, forgetting lyrics but handled the situation eventually for his fans. People could see how much he was drugged and how uncontrollable body he was bearing with him. Wilkinson recalled how he used to sit on one chair in his dressing room and how he asked him to go on vacation for one year and how Presley used to tap him and encouraged him by saying that it would be all right.

During a party held in Bel Air Mansion, he met with Beatles. However, there were no cameras and microphones were allowed inside. The Beatles were nervous at the time of meeting such a big star but to break the ice John put a little stupid question in front of Presley, that why he is doing stupid movies instead of doing music. Presley didn’t mind and even managed to ease the tension. Presley looked at everyone’s’ face and told them if they all are going to stare him like this he would probably go back to bed. Colonel Parker, Memphis Mafia, Beatles and others were enjoyed Presley’s guitar jam for some more time. As a fact to know, The Beatles had never met Presley ever after this party again.

Once Paul McCartney has said that the great joke was that when they  were taking illegal drugs, and look what happened to him (Elvis Presley), a reference to Presley’s death was a caused by prescription drug abuse’!

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