Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley met Priscilla

Elvis Presley, a man who Love to take care of his women.

Elvis is the most loving personality of his time, and he was loved by most of the women of this world. His music could relaxed and or excite to the listeners. His struggled in life to prove his talent and never gave up to his love for music. Presley had passion in his vein and it seemed like a guitar could dance itself once its get Presley’s touch. Amazing music indeed!

Presley’s life is an open book for all

We remember his life incidents, ups and downs of his life. Despite he was losing those he loved most he kept on himself on his track. Earlier, he was upset for his still born twin brother; it is true that Presley found himself the reason behind his twin brother’s death. He was a broken heart baby since his birth. He was very close to his mother and when that time came to leave his family to serve for his country, he got more disturbed. His mother got addictive to the sliming pill and alcohol and eventually she lost the battle of life and left his beloved son Presley alone. Presley broke down in tears and became lonelier. It was the most terrible time of his life when he lost his mother. Presley’s father married a woman named Dee Stanley and they both gave a birth to a son. Presley felt like he got his brother back.

Presley , at 24, was so nervous when he met 14 years old Priscilla for the first time

During his service time from induction to discharge, he had ten top forty hits in the list and almost four albums. It was the month of September in the year of 1959, when there was a party going on at Presley’s house. One of his known named Currie Grant introduced a fourteen years old girl to Presley. The teenage girl name was Priscilla Beaulieu. During that party Presley and Priscilla got so much engaged in talking that everyone could understand that instant liking of Presley for Priscilla. Presley was twenty four when he met Priscilla! It was their first meeting and despite of their age difference Presley was acting like a teenage boy who was shy and doing other awkward things which a boy do in front of any girl when seeing her for the first time. How sweet!!

Well, that night Priscilla got late at night and her parents did the same thing as any other teenager parents would do. They scolded her for reaching home so late. Presley, as any other ‘sweet boy’ convinced her parents that she would never get late, as because he didn’t want to miss any chance to see her again. They both were seen together spending most of their time until Presley got discharged and left Germany for home.

The romance of cute couple was almost died

In the March of 1960, Presley left Germany for home. They stayed in touch over the telephone for long time until they would see each other. In the mean time, Priscilla was getting fan mails of Presley. She was invited for so many interviews to talk about her relationship with Presley. Priscilla thought and convinced that she would never see Presley again in her life. As she heard rumors about Presley and Nancy’s relationship, which would made her believe that her relationship was over.

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