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Ever heard about Sergeant Elvis Aaron Presley

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Ever heard about Sergeant Elvis Aaron Presley

If somebody would ask about an American musician, actor and a sergeant, what would be the first name will strike in your mind. Yes, you are correct. The most remembered name in the history as a king of rock n roll is none other than ‘Elvis Presley’. A great musician and a loving boy on screen had also served in U.S. Army (1958-1960). Presley was a celebrity before he joined army to serve for his nation.

It was year 1958 and the month was March when Presley received his draft and inducted into the army. People who disliked Presley so much, were taking a breath of relief as his ‘bad’ impact was going to slow down on the youth. Even though Presley was offered to enlist in Special Services where he could be safer during wars, he declined to opt any of this kind of service and took a decision to serve as soldier. This is how he could win the hearts again and respect from his fellow soldiers as well. Nation showed proud for Presley’s decision.  

Was Presley manipulated by his manager Tom Parker?

Presley turned 21 in 1956 and like most American men of this age was eligible to be drafted. Colonel Tom Parker who was Presley’s manager was very well aware about it. It was Tom who wrote a letter to ‘Pentagon’ requesting for their polite view for Presley and emphasized to enlist him to serve for special service. By doing this Presley would go for six weeks training and then could resume a normal life by performing several times while serving for army. It was crystal clear that Tom didn’t want his client to perform his talent free in any circumstances. However, he led Presley to believe that he could easily escaped draft. Elvis was furious when he came to know that he could end up serving as a regular soldier. Then Tom told him that if he could serve in army for the next 2 years he would come back as a bigger star than he is now.

His fame was talking

Eventually Presley got 1-A, all clear, physically fit to join the army. When it was officially announced his fans got upset while others who had negative thinking about him were enrapt because they always considered him as a threat to society.  The moment he joined army he got few major offers both from Navy as well as Army. Presley was being offered to go for a world tour and encourage youth to join army, to perform in Vegas and have own personal quarters, and to create a special Elvis Presley Company. Presley replied to consider their offer in future. After discussion with his manager, Presley chose to join as a regular soldier.

It was peak time for his career. And moreover he was already involved in a project that he couldn’t leave in the middle. Presley then wrote a letter requesting and to understand the situation to Memphis Draft Board. The problem was with the shooting for the upcoming movie of Presley in the same time when he had to serve in army. Presley’s movie name ‘King Creole’ was the reason for the extension. The public got angry when they came to know about the decision to agree the request for Presley’s extension.

Black Monday

The day was Monday, 24th of March 1958, when Presley was assigned in army. In outraged his fans call this day as a ‘Black Monday’.  Notwithstanding, his manager Tom could arrange some of the news report from the rest of the world, to sneak a peak of Presley’s life in army for the sake of his negative as well as positive fans. Presley said goodbye to his fans and family and joined the army.

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