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Success of Passion and Separation from Love – Elvis

Success of Passion and Separation from Love

Elvis Presley was filmed for a documentary in 1972 for MGM Documentary named ‘Elvis on Tour’, and was nominated and won Golden Globe Award for Best Documentary Film of that year. Tours, concerts, films and much more was going on and on and Presley getting more and more busy whilst taking prescribed drugs to keep him up and energetic to perform without any fail. Once Presley’s manager Parker received a letter from an advertiser Eddie Sherman suggesting that Presley could raise money for charity in the name of ‘Kui Lee Cancer Fund’. Kui Lee was the writer of song ‘I will remember you’ who died in 1966. Parker again got a chance to publicize his client’s charitable nature to put to the public.
Presley was back on his track of success and leaving all his failures back but he was failing in one thing. His personal life was overtaken by his professional life. Lack of time and love towards his family was the major problem. Although he and his wife Priscilla looking for alternatives to pass on the empty time of their lives. They could barely see each other most of the time. Presley persuaded Priscilla to take karate classes and as we all know Priscilla was in love since she was 14, so loved to follow Presley’s interest naturally. Priscilla took it as a great idea to kill the time when she was alone without Presley mostly. Presley introduces Mike Stone to Priscilla and all of them agreed.
Presley got busy and back to his business leaving his wife Priscilla and Mike Stone a karate instructor behind. Priscilla started taking classless and soon began an affair with him. In her book, Priscilla stated that despite being in a relationship with Mike she still had loved for Presley but she was also upset and knew the fact that she had to take a crucial decision. After a couple of months, Presley invited Priscilla to see her in his hotel suite. According to Priscilla, it was then when Presley made forcefully love to her and told her that this is how a real man made love to her woman! Later, Priscilla took her statement as it was an overstatement for that incident.
What Priscilla wanted to say was different story but as common as any other married women. In her words, she tried to tell that Presley wasn’t sensitive to her and his lack of interest in her was pushing her away from him. She later said that her physical and emotional needs were unfulfilled and mentioned about their sexual dysfunctions while their married life. After this entire incident, Priscilla said, ‘this was not the same gentleman I grew up to love.’
The couple got separated in February 1972 and filed legal separation also. They both agreed to share their daughter Lisa’s custody. In the words of Joe Moscheo of the Imperials, the failure of Presley’s marriage was a blow from which he never recovered. The couple remained hand in hand and closed on the day of their divorce.

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