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Unforgettable Chapter in the history of Music – Elvis presley

’68 Comeback Special — Coming back Blasts of Elvis Presley

On December 3rd 1968, Elvis Presley was so much excited to represent himself once again after a long gap in time of his success. It was on aired on NBC television network and was produced and directed by Steve Binder and Bones Howe. Something was going to be historic that time which eventually happened. And the whole world is familiar to that historic event.

Unforgettable Chapter in the history of Music

Elvis Presley a name of success for acting and singing career simultaneously. He got married to his love Priscilla and became a loveable father soon of a baby girl and he named her Lisa. After he discharged from army Presley had to start from the beginning and for this his manager Colonel Tom Parker was doing his duty with full responsibility. Presley was facing challenging when he came back from army. But Parker was always there for solution to help pick him up again. As Presley doing movies for only profit and not taking much care about his popularity, so he was near losing his charm, moreover there were ‘Beatles, the rolling stones and Bob Dylan’ also in the market who were dominating at that time. Parker was worried and told Presley to not to forget about his success and position to remain on top. Parker helped him to restore his reputation at the time he lacked.

Presley was really nervous once again

Presley was getting ready for his show and this is the first time he did it as his director-producer Binder wanted. Presley emphasized to Parker that he is going to do it as Binder’s way. His coming back show was a big , big hit! Presley was eager to tell everyone what he got and what he can do. It was a great chance to show his true talent by performing live on the stage. His attire helped him a lot to make audience fall in love with him again and again. This coming back show boosted his confidence and later he started his US tours. Presley sang his pre recorded or his old songs in live performance. The stage was not bigger than 10 feet square and was surrounded by his crazy fans all over. Later, Presley performed in Las Vegas as well.

During one live performance Presley sang a song ‘love me tender..’ specially for his wife Priscilla who was present in audience. What was funny about this performance was, Presley changed his song’s verse in joke and left the audience and his wife in nervous laugh. Presley performed on the stage with and sometimes without his guitar to vow his audience again. Presley got his agreement done with RCA and released 3 albums of live material.

Sooner or later, Presley was back on track and once again his music was hitting on the top of the chart and he started earning his fortune. Despite having workload Presley was actually enjoying being him and not hiding his feeling from anyone.

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