Elvis Presley born to live forever

When life attacks, it attacks beautifully! We all remember Elvis Presley’s songs, music, albums, his movies and the greatest hits of all time. We know where Elvis Presley spent his childhood and his last moments. Indeed a star was born to live forever. And the whole world celebrated his birthday together. Today, we could find Presley everywhere and the most convenient source is the internet. We can reach him through any channel now; Presley must be feeling proud and much satisfied now.

Presley was always excited to take any new challenge. Presley was already engaged in with Las Vegas, he happened to meet Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters. The meeting between them got finished discussing their new movie which would be a remake of ‘A star was born’. Presley as usual, taking it as a serious career turning point opportunity for himself. It was all mutual understanding and mutual decision in between them. But then Parker came in the light he over demanded and in result Presley lost the role. Later, Parker claimed that it was all Presley’s decided contract, but of course, people had some other story to tell. But according to one friend Presley was furious when he lost the role.

They were great years of success, such as in the year 1975 Presley was offered by Saudi Arabia for $5 million to perform there. But Parker turned it down and then Presley was again approached with revised offered of $10 million! But, it was also turned down once again. Presley was offered with a big amount like $2 million by promoters in South America. And all of them were rejected even Presley was knee to go for such concerts to perform in different countries. Presley got annoyed and begun to consider new management.  It is said that despite being apart from Presley’s career life, Parker and Presley couldn’t apart because of numerous reasons. Presley had a biographer, Peter Guralnick, who mentioned both like and similar to each other.

Parker knew what was going on in Presley’s life and he wanted to help him to take some rest instead of going on tour and for this, as he claimed had discussed with his father too. By July 1976, Presley’s father who was playing a major part to handle his finance was taking some most important decisions for his son Elvis Presley. Vernon Presley fired off his three bodyguards mentioning ‘a cut back on expenses’.  If we listen to Presley’s stepbrother the story is different. His step brother David said that the guards got fired because of their outspoken nature about Presley’s drug dependency. Later, they decided to publish a book about Presley’s inner circle life with them. Presley asked Parker through his father to stop publishing that book but he failed to that and book got published just two weeks before Presley’s death. It was an attempt to let Presley know what is going on and would open his eyes in time. There was a time when Parker and Presley became almost strangers to each other.

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